Lise Jenkins

Digital Internet Marketer

"Go Where Your Heart Desires"

My Story

My story starts a long time ago, no just kidding well, no it did start a long time ago but don't want to bore you with all the details.

My back ground was in banking & then working in small offices, I mostly enjoyed my work but I always wanted to be my own boss.  So I tried many different types of business models, most were not what I felt I was looking for.  I always thought about going online but it all seemed very overwhelming & I was full of self doubt. I purchased some online education products in the past but they seemed to lack integrity & the support needed nor did I have the right mind set.  So I kept going to my JOB.  Feeling less & less motivated & unfulfilled.

Well sitting at my JOB watching YOUTUBE videos (this is how unmotivated I was at my JOB & bored)  An advert came up on YOUTUBE that caught my attention, so I wrote down the website address, before clicking skip ad, to check it out later at home.  Well I did look up the web address & watched the free video series.  So I signed up & started on a journey & a desire to start my own online business & escape the misery I was feeling at my JOB. Well I quit my JOB of 11 years (that by now I can say I HATED & my abusive boss)  I was terrified felt like i was committing financial suicide but I was determined to not ever have to go back to a JOB.  So I put my fear & doubt aside & I am pursuing a long time goal of mine to have an online business of my own & to be financially independent.

Well this step by step system designed by the best in the industry that I signed up for & the support of this like minded entrepreneurial community is making this journey feel more achievable & feeling like the spark  for life may return.  I have tapped into many of the resources offered & the process is feeling less & less overwhelming.

And if you are reading this, that  means I have a online business!